Marketing Plan

Hello all,

Here is my marketing plan for this blog.


My goals for this blog was  originally for  posting my thoughts on sport. Which was the only goal however, I do realise that many websites and other blogs provide the same thing so, it meant that I had to come up with an entirely new idea.

One of the goals that I aim to get is to get people to frequently visit my blog and also to make sure they stay on it for a long time.

To provide more insight on the lesser known sports. Many various websites and blogs offer  news and information on well known sports such as AFL, NRL and even soccer. My aim for this blog is to provide other sporting news from lesser known sports such as rugby union, rugby sevens and baseball f.

To engage more visitors. If I can engage in more visitors, it will mean they are  willing to spend their time reading my blog.


The audience 

My main audience will be a primary one which means people directly interested in my topic; who are sports minded people, who are interested sports such as rugby union, hockey, rugby sevens, soccer and AFL.

Since most readers of my blog posts are from Australia, it  suggests that I should post more about Australian sports such as AFL, the Australian cricket  team.

The other audience that I will try and get onto my blog would be those at are somewhat interested in sport but not necessarily sport minded people. In order to achieve this it would  once again mean that sharing  it on social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook is the way to go.



In order to get more people to visit and spend time on my blog it means that I must share it on other social media platforms. Twitter is great for sharing stories, so in order to get my blog noticed a bit more I will share my recent posts and promote my blog on Twitter.

Facebook has more users than any other platform so once again, in order to get as many people on my blog I will share it and promote it on Facebook whenever I have a new post.

In order to engage more visitors to my blog, I could set up a mailing  list which means that the visitors will be engaged whenever I post a new article.  It will also means that there will be some sort of connection with myself and the readers.

I could also promote or share my blog through different Facebook groups who have an interest in all things sport which will mean that I will be able to get more readers onto my blog other than family and friends.

In order to get my  blog noticed to potential readers, I could  pay for some ad space on other platforms such as Facebook which will mean my page will get noticed more, than if I shared it.

In this day and age I think using various types of media to promote my blog is really important. With that in mind, I plan to use video and talk the audience about it.


In order to make my blog more attractive and to have a personal element to it , I plan to add some videos of me talking into a camera about my thoughts on the weekend sport. This will ensure that it is interactive instead of just reading the posts, because sometimes people just want visuals.


As you can see my marketing plan relies heavily on social media. As described previously I find that social media is the way to go forward in this day and age,  since everyone is online. People pay close attention to what is on Facebook and Twitter so for my marketing plan, I thought that they could play a vital role in order to get new readers.



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