Marketing Plan

Hello all,

Here is my marketing plan for this blog.


My goals for this blog was  originally for  posting my thoughts on sport. Which was the only goal however, I do realise that many websites and other blogs provide the same thing so, it meant that I had to come up with an entirely new idea.

One of the goals that I aim to get is to get people to frequently visit my blog and also to make sure they stay on it for a long time.

To provide more insight on the lesser known sports. Many various websites and blogs offer  news and information on well known sports such as AFL, NRL and even soccer. My aim for this blog is to provide other sporting news from lesser known sports such as rugby union, rugby sevens and baseball f.

To engage more visitors. If I can engage in more visitors, it will mean they are  willing to spend their time reading my blog.


The audience 

My main audience will be a primary one which means people directly interested in my topic; who are sports minded people, who are interested sports such as rugby union, hockey, rugby sevens, soccer and AFL.

Since most readers of my blog posts are from Australia, it  suggests that I should post more about Australian sports such as AFL, the Australian cricket  team.

The other audience that I will try and get onto my blog would be those at are somewhat interested in sport but not necessarily sport minded people. In order to achieve this it would  once again mean that sharing  it on social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook is the way to go.



In order to get more people to visit and spend time on my blog it means that I must share it on other social media platforms. Twitter is great for sharing stories, so in order to get my blog noticed a bit more I will share my recent posts and promote my blog on Twitter.

Facebook has more users than any other platform so once again, in order to get as many people on my blog I will share it and promote it on Facebook whenever I have a new post.

In order to engage more visitors to my blog, I could set up a mailing  list which means that the visitors will be engaged whenever I post a new article.  It will also means that there will be some sort of connection with myself and the readers.

I could also promote or share my blog through different Facebook groups who have an interest in all things sport which will mean that I will be able to get more readers onto my blog other than family and friends.

In order to get my  blog noticed to potential readers, I could  pay for some ad space on other platforms such as Facebook which will mean my page will get noticed more, than if I shared it.

In this day and age I think using various types of media to promote my blog is really important. With that in mind, I plan to use video and talk the audience about it.


In order to make my blog more attractive and to have a personal element to it , I plan to add some videos of me talking into a camera about my thoughts on the weekend sport. This will ensure that it is interactive instead of just reading the posts, because sometimes people just want visuals.


As you can see my marketing plan relies heavily on social media. As described previously I find that social media is the way to go forward in this day and age,  since everyone is online. People pay close attention to what is on Facebook and Twitter so for my marketing plan, I thought that they could play a vital role in order to get new readers.



A-League Preview: Wellington Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix did not kick of their new A-League campaign as they were hoping for, as they lost 1-0 to Melbourne City at Westpac Stadium on Saturday.

However, that should not dampen the spirits of what they are aiming to achieve this season.

Here is my preview of the Wellington Phoenix.

Wellington Phoenix  has one goal this season and that is to play finals football after finishing a sour ninth in the 2015-16 season.

One thing that the Phoenix need to do this season(well in round two) is to make Westpac Stadium(or the Cake Tin as its called by the locals) a fortress to be reckoned with. If they want to move up the ladder they need to make their home ground a fortress before they can win games away from home.

The Phoenix also need to work on there defence. In the off season,they had a major blow to their finals chances by losing Manny Muscat to Melbourne City and former stalwart Ben Sigmund who decided to hang up his A-League boots at the end of last season. Without Muscat and Sigmund their defence is looking fragile.

However, an area that could spark them to finals contention is there attacking threat. They have signed Gui Finkler and Kosta Barbarouses both from Melbourne Victory, which could cause some much needed flair to the Phoenix. Finkler has proved he is a magician with free kicks during his time at  Victory and will fit perfectly not only into the Phoenix line up, but the conditions in Wellington will do Finkler wonders. Barbarouses is a major coup up front, and if he partners up well with Roy Krishna they could well prove vital in front of goal.

For the Phoenix, season 2016-17 is all about improvement and if they don’t have too many injuries in the season there is no reason why they cannot move up the ladder. They have the attacking threat to cause some serious concerns for their rivals. However there defence will still be a talking point that needs addressing.

Prediction: 7th (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they finished higher).




A-League preview: Melbourne City


Melbourne City will be not only looking  for a finals place but also to win it all such as the FFA Cup, Premiers Plate and the grand final.

City made grounds last season primarily with their potent attack and were the best A-League attacking side in the competition which, saw them score 63 goals. Last season City was known to score goals from Bruno Fornaroli who patterned up with the assist king Aaron Mooy. City had one of the deadly trios in the league with Mooy, Fornaroli and Harry Novillo however, Mooy and Novillo are no longer there.

It meant Melbourne City had to go shopping in order to find a replacement for Mooy and Novillo .There off season signings may have just about filled that hole, with City signing Luke Brattan, Bruce Kamau and Fernando Brendon. There is one particular signing that is guaranteed to get everyone talking and more importantly to get bums on seats and that is the illustrious signing of Tim Cahill on the guest marquee rule.

City all of a sudden look a stronger team particular in the midfield and  up front. Signing the utility that is Nicolas Colazo should be seen as a  major  coup  not only for City but for the league as well as he can play at left back and also on the wing  improving City’s chances of winning the league.

However, their defence was the major talking point in last seasons quest with City leaking 44 goals. City knew they would have to address this so they signed the utility that is Colazo who can play in the area that City has lacked that is left back and they have also signed Michael Jakobsen from the Danish league and all of a sudden City’s defence looks solid.

Ivan Franjic  missed most of last season through injury which was part of City’s leaky defence. With Franjic returning from injury and joining the first team squad City look to have now have a decent defence and that would take the pressure of goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen.

The City Football Group(CFG) and Melbourne City were not afraid to spend big which was much needed ahead of this seasons campaign. City look more powerful up front and seem to have a decent job of replacing Mooy and Novillo. Their defence also looks in better shape than in previous years.

This season is all about exception for City and if they do not win at least one trophy this year it could be seen as a major disappointment.

Prediction: 1st.


A-League Preview: Melbourne Victory

It’s October and that means its football season(hooray!). The long wait is over and the A-League is back, which  could be geared up as the best season to date. For the purpose of the A-League I will be conducting a season preview of both Melbourne teams.

Here is my season preview of Melbourne Victory.

After finishing a dissapointing sixth last season Melbourne Victory will be looking to make amends and charge towards the top half of the table in their new campaign.

The Victory kicks off the new  A-League campaign with an away match against Brisbane Roar on Friday night.

The big V has had a busy off season by  playing in the International Champions Cup against  Juventus and then  a friendly against Atletico Madrid, in which they managed to find a win.

They have arguably had more game time than anyone else in the off season and could be a smart move towards the new season.

However, as far transfers go it could dampen Victory’s chances of winning the league.

They said goodbye to two of their most influential players that are, Gui Finkler and Kosta Barbarouses who have both moved to Wellington Phoenix. One area that could hurt Victory in particular is in their  defence, as Mathieu Delpierre  has retired leaving a huge hole in the back part of the pitch. Another absentee is former stalwart Archie Thompson who has parted ways with the club leaving questions about a back up option for Besart Berisha.

However,  Victory always manages to find a way to strengthen their squad and they have done just that by singing the talented  fan favourites   Marco Rojas and James Troisi who will strengthen their attacking options. They have also filled the void that Delpierre has left by capturing the services of Spanish defender Alan Baro.

There is still a huge hole left in the Victory squad though, as they rely too much of Besart Berisha and have not yet found a sustainable back up option for when he does miss games. They also lack a good back up option for goalkeeper Lawrence Thomas.

One thing that Victory are good at though  is producing youth and they have a bunch of it this season. Expect to see more  young guns as Jai Ingham, Nick Ansell, Scott Galloway  will be looking to get more game time.

Having Carl Valeri back in the line up after illness raptured his 2015/16 campaign is a major boost for the team and could provide the missing link.

Melbourne Victory has a good mix of youth and experience in their squad and with a club like Victory success is everything.

Prediction: 4th

Making a Networked Video

One of the projects  that we had to do  for Making Networked Culture  was to  make a video with annotations(the viewer gets to choose what happens next with a yes or no scenario) or the use of split screen.

In this instance it was a group project so I was partnered up with two other people, Hadaash and Bridget which I had never met before.

The overall idea of this particular video project was that there  had to be a sense of connection such as coming together through different paths. In this project my group used split screen since there was only three of us and we all needed to be in it, so we thought it was the right choice.

Before, we filmed we had to think of ideas of what the movie(or story) was going to be. We had brainstormed for a couple of weeks and neither of us had an idea in mind. That was when I thought we may as well film what we do in the morning and getting to university, because at the end of the day all three of us do different things in the morning and we all get to university in a different way. No one else had something in mind so we all agreed to that idea.

After we got the initial idea out of the way, we then had to story board our video and make a wireframe(a wireframe for my group was a timeline of events of what we do in the morning and how to get to university) and we thought that idea was good, which gave everyone something to work for.

We aimed to get everything done in terms of filming relatively early so we could focus on the editing part leading up today. But unfortunately for me I couldn’t record everything that I wanted to because the memory of my phone wouldn’t allow it to happen (even though I deleted lots of photo’s and apps!) and that was one challenge I faced throughout this project. However, the first thing I filmed was all three of us meeting together (which worked well).

In terms of any problems our group faced, we all had our own battles as well as editing our own videos. However, for the problems that I encountered it  was filming at the right time and getting enough footage as well as the memory on my phone. In terms of footage for the video I needed to make my own video five minutes and 6 seconds which was tough because I didn’t know what to film and also  to  get the length of the video was another challenge. Once, we filmed everything we edited our own little “movie” and the software that I personally used was iMovie on my macbook. I found that quite easy to understand once I knew what I was doing.

Once each of our group members finished editing our own videos we then uploaded it to YouTube so we could send a link in our group chat(which was the way the group communicated) , and then we gave our thoughts  to see if we were happy or if the video needed to be improved.

Once we got everything onto the same video we then had to think of a name or title. I suggested ‘the line’ but Bridget and Hadaash didn’t like it so we scrapped that idea. Hadassh eventually came up with a title for our video which was ‘trichotomy’ which essentially means three divisions which suits the idea, three people getting to university in a different way.

In terms of communication though, I thought we did pretty well. Our main tool for communication was through Facebook and we created a group chat with the three of us involved. We were constantly talking to each other giving our feedback. We also communicated when each one of us had a problem.  All in all I think we communicated  extremely well throughout this project.

The great thing about the group was that everyone worked well and we all bought something to the group. For instance I bought the idea of the movie, Hadaash took care of the music and Bridget did the editing of the main video.

If however, I was going to do this again, I would be more organised instead of doing it at the last minute and edited my video a bit more, as well as getting more footage(such as getting the paper) and being more creative. The first scene that I shot was the time and I still think that opening of the shot was too long. So if I had the chance to do it again I would have shortened that clip.

You can watch Trichotomy here: 

Here is the wireframe: 



Chicago Cubs on track for World Series.

The Chicago Cubs have not a won World series since 1908, but that may change.

On Thursday, the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division despite losing 5-4 to Milwaukee Brewers, but it was all thanks to San Fransisco Giants who defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-2 in order for the Cubs to clinch the title.

With the Cubs securing the National League Central Division title it means they have become the first team this season to clinch a title and there first since 2008.

However, in a way it is not really a surprise it was just a matter of when for the Cubs. They have a talented bunch and are proving dividends with the likes of Kris Bryant, Antony Rizzo, who have been a real treat for the team this year.

The Cubs wasted no time this season and it has assured them of a 94(wins)53(loss) record and are on track to beat their record of 97 wins from last season, with a few games to spare before the Major League Baseball Postseason arrives.

However for the Cubs, this season was about expectations and how far they could go rather than the joy ride they had last season.

Last year they made  the National League Wildcard after finishing third in the National League Central in which they defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, which t ensured them of a spot in the National League Division series where they played the St Louis Cardinals defeating them 3-1.

That gave them  a birth in the National League Championship Series and also a real shot of the World Series  where they played the New York Mets. The Cubs  lost that series 4-0 and it meant that the dream run  had come to a close.

When the Cubs made the run to the National League Championship series it took everyone by surprise, not this year though. It was expected of them.

So, the question has to be asked, could this really be the  Cubs year ?

There is no reason why the can’t.

They have become the first team this season to clinch a title ensuring them with plenty of breathing space  before the Postseason. They have the resources in their favour, so there is no reason why they can’t go one step further than they did in 2015.

The sky is the limit for the Cubs.






Bledisloe Cup Game 2 : What We Learned

The Bledisloe Cup is staying in New Zealand for the 14th time after the All Blacks defeated the Wallabies 29-9 in Wellington.

The All Blacks were not as dominant as they were the previous week in Sydney where they thrashed the Wallabies 42-8.

However, it was always going to be a tougher game than the previous week with the Wallabies looking to make amends for that poor result. The All Blacks got off to a flyer when Israel Dagg scored the first try of the match in the eighth minute setting the tone for the All Blacks. Beauden Barrett was also on fire being the instrumental component in the side by scoring nine points. The Wallabies were marginally better in terms of physicality and competitiveness with fly half Bernard Foley scoring two penalties. The Wallabies were right in it at half time when debutant Reece Hodge scored a penalty from halfway to give the visitors a slim chance with the scores 15-9 at the main break. Mistakes started to sink in for the Wallabies with poor lineouts being executed, missed tackles and a yellow card for Adam Coleman for a late shoulder charge on Ben Smith.

After the break, it was all going beautifully for the All Blacks when Julian Savea got things off to a flyer scoring the first try of the second half. The Wallabies went try-less in the second half, proving that the All Blacks are still the team to beat.

Here is what we learned in the second test.

Beauden Barrett proves why he is a starter 

Before the first Bledisloe test, there was much debate at who will be starting in the first five position; Beauden Barrett or fellow teamate Aaron Cruden. It was Barrett who got the nod in the first test and then, after a strong performance, again in the second. Prior to the series Barrett had only started 10 times out of his 40-match career but in this test he showed why he should start by making good gains with the boot, knowing when to run and knowing when to move the ball. Barrett also set up two tries as well as scoring nine points with the boot (three conversions and a penalty) showing way he should start for the remainder of the Rugby Championship.

Missed tackles proves decisive

If there is one thing certain in rugby, you cannot afford to miss tackles (especially if your opponent is the All Blacks) and if you do, well it can came back to bite you. This was exactly the case in Wellington for the Wallabies, who missed 28 tackles compared to the All Blacks who only missed eight tackles for the whole 80 minutes. This is a significant stat that Michael Cheika will look at when reviewing the match, before they play South Africa in Brisbane on the 10th of September.

 Israel Dagg is back to his best 

Israel Dagg is back to his best after another sublime display in the black jersey. Prior to this year, his form had dropped and to make matters worse he dislocated his shoulder. Dagg also missed the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England but since then he has been recalled to the All Blacks camp in the June internationals and hasn’t looked back and since then he has been the in form man.

Wallabies need to resolve their lineout problems 

One thing that has been very common in the last two Bledisloe cup matches is that the Wallabies have defensive issues. One problem from the second Bledisloe game was their lineouts. Their lineouts have been a big problem for the past two weeks but it was even more evident this week. Four lineouts were lost out of 12 for the Wallabies, which just shows how big of a problem this is. The good news for the Wallabies is that they will not face the All Blacks again until October 22, they do however; have a week off before they play South Africa. This should in fact give them enough time they need in order to resolve their lineout issues.

Hypertext Essay

My name is Fraser Stewart and I am a second year sport journalism student at La Trobe University. In order to become a sport journalist that separates from the crowd I have started creating a portfolio of work while, still completing my university commitments. I know in this particular industry it is what you do outside of university.

That is why I am currently writing for various sports websites such as Outside90, The Roar and I am yet to write for a Sri Lankan cricket website called Island Cricket.

I have also created my own blog(this blog) as I wish to become a sports journalist once I leave university. The purpose of the blog is to write about rugby union, rugby sevens, soccer, cricket and in some cases about the AFL. This blog is essentially about my views on sport but at the same time, writing about the lesser known sports or sports that do not get enough mainstream media attention such as hockey. My blog posts will have a unique feel about them, as I will be conducting research and providing insights and not just providing general news about the chosen sports.

I realise that the industry that I aim to be in which is to become a newspaper journalist is in decline. This now means that readers are more likely to go the internet in order to get their news more often rather than going out and buying a newspaper.

Readers are now paying more attention to websites than they have ever done before. That is one reason why I would love to work for and, as they are the number one source of information for cricket and rugby union and, over time, have developed credibility covering these codes. I would also love to have a by-line in a print newspaper such as the Age however, ESPNFC (soccer) and ESPN Cricinfo (cricket) would also be an ideal place to work since they focus on cricket and soccer and more importantly are both online.

My dream goal would be to work for a major multi-sport company such as Fox Sports Australia and Sky Sports in the United Kingdom covering a range of sports such as football (soccer), rugby union and cricket. I feel that I can provide great insight for the likes of Cricinfo,, Fox Sports Australia and Sky Sports as I have been fortunate enough to play cricket in Europe and have developed a solid understanding of the rules and strategies of the game. I have also been bought up in a cricketing environment, and I still play the game at club level.

As for covering football for the chosen organisations (Sky Sports , Fox Sports Australia and ESPNFC), I feel that I can provide valuable insight as I have lived in Europe; know the rules of the game, how the game is played and understand exactly what football means to most Europeans. My dream event however, would be to cover the FIFA World Cup for any media organisations or even to cover the UEFA European Championships.

Working within a sporting club or an organisation may also be an option. Opportunities such as working for and writing stories about the Melbourne Rebels (I am a member and go to all the home games), Melbourne Football Club (I am a Demons tragic) and the Sandringham Zebras in the VFL are also of great interest.

As much as I would like to become a writer I do realise that being involved in broadcasting could lead to more options being explored. This may mean covering not just one sport but multitude of sports and, while doing so, it could mean developing a variety of media experiences such as being on TV, and radio while also writing for the chosen organisation’s website. Being involved in the major sports broadcasting companies such ABC Grandstand, Channel 9 sport, 7 sport, 10 sport and SBS would definitely lead to developing greater experience in the sport media industry.

As, I want to have a career in writing as a journalist; I know there are two festivals in Melbourne that could help me in the chosen field such as the Melbourne writers festival and the sports writers festival.

In order to get a head start of my chosen career, during the upcoming summer holidays I am planning to try and volunteer at the Bayside Leader newspaper, which will give me valuable experience in the chosen field.

The Demons are coming.


Confidence is a funny word and can do amazing things when you believe the meaning. `

To sum up this season for the Melbourne Demons faithful the word ‘confidence’ seems about.

Confidence or confident could also describe how they (Melbourne) played against Hawthorn on Saturday at the MCG.

Melbourne, prior to Saturday had not beaten Hawthorn since 2006, and to make matters worse the Hawks had won the last 13 consecutive games against the Demons.

Those stats however, were soon to be ignored by the Melbourne Football Club and by the Demons faithful.

Melbourne 17.8 (110) defeated reigning premiers and league leaders Hawthorn 11.15 (81) at the MCG by 29 points.

It was the win, that most Demons fans had been wanting and one that may have been the best in the last three-four years.

In recent years under Paul Roos’s legacy as Melbourne coach, Melbourne has developed a track record of defeating top class opposition. For example in 2014, against all odds, they defeated Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval ending a 16 game losing streak and likewise last year when they travelled to Simmonds Stadium in Geelong to play Geelong and won for the first time in since 2005.  Again it was a win against the odds.

However, this win in particular against the Hawks was far more special than those against Adelaide and Geelong.

The last time the Demons played the Hawks, in round 11 this year; the Demons matched the Hawks until the final quarter when Hawthorn finally ran away with the win.

The Demons it must be said, are still in a learning curve and on Saturday they may have learnt what to do in order to beat the regaining premiers and even more so what it takes to be a top eight side.

The Demons outmatched Hawthorn at their own game albeit in somewhat different styles of play. The Demons outnumbered the Hawks in score involvements from stoppages 65-21, throw ins 24- 7 and from the bounce 15-2.

Those stats are an indication   of where the Demons are heading as well as being a force to be reckoned with.

Melbourne much to say, looked comfortable playing against the number one ranked side a thing that has been missing for quite some time.

It’s not only the way the Demons are playing at the moment with a certain vigorousness to them, but it’s more so how they are playing the game. The last two years from 2014-2015 it was very much about being defensive and focusing on getting top class midfielders(leading up the 2015 season in particular), whereas this season in 2016 it is all coming together from defenders, midfielders and forwards all linking together.

The Demons have also drafted well in the last few years which is another reason why it is all coming together in season 2016. The Demons have started to learn by picking up highly talented players and developing them into superstars for the club. Such is the case for Christian Petracca and Angus Brayshaw both of which were drafted in 2014. The same also goes for Clayton Oliver and  Sam Wiederman , who in last years draft were both pick 4 and pick 9 respectively.

Oliver has been exceptional this year and Wiederman who made his debut on the weekend against the Hawks also impressed by snagging two goals.

The Demons have also bought in great midfielders to add to their stock of  highly talented midfielders along the likes of Jack Viney, Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince, Angus Brayshaw and Dom Tyson such as acquiring the services of Tomas Bugg from Greater Western Sydney and Ben Kennedy from Collingwood.

For so long the Demons have not played football this freely and they seem to be enjoying taking the game on, which just shows you how much confidence and belief they have in the game plan. The other aspect as to why this is the best season so far for the red and the blue, is that the Demons are enjoying being the physical team  on the park. They are and also hard to break down (another thing that has lacked in the past).

The Demons also now know what to do with the ball and do so with a certain dare to them, sure sometimes during this season they have themselves to blame when playing the ball into dangerous positions but now they know they can get themselves out of trouble, whereas the Demons of old(pre Roos’s era) would just turn it over and not bother getting back into the game.

It’s a great sign for Roos and the Demons that the days of being the so-called ‘easy beats’ are long gone.

Melbourne fans have a right to enjoy this season and this win in particular against Hawthorn.

Finals may not be on the cards this season, but certainly they have a chance to do so next season.

This young and physical team have the world at their feet and they are building towards great things.

Bledisloe cup what to look out for.

Rugby is back!

It has been a while since we have seen international rugby on our screens but nonetheless we have that wave and this is sure to be a cracker.

The Bledisloe cup kicks off this weekend therefore igniting the good old Trans-Tasman rivalry between the Wallabies and the almighty All Blacks.

With the recent internationals past us there is sure to be a sense of the unknown. The Wallabies will be sure at looking to make amends for the June test losing to England 0-3, in which the Wallabies were too predictable going forward however, they did mix things up in the third and final test.

Whereas, the All Blacks were strong  defeating the  spirited Welsh 3-0 on home soil. A whitewash is good to kick off the international season but there first game in particular against the Welsh. There  surely was some questions to be  asked  as they were  rusty  to begin and only seized to get over the line in the final 20 minutes in the first test. Since that first game though the All Blacks took control of the situation playing a better fluid style of rugby.

So with the June tests past us and with both sides playing a three game series and having experience since the rugby world cup final what should we look out for in this weeks Bledisloe cup?

Injury ravaged All Blacks 

The All Blacks have been  hit with huge blow leading up to the bledisloe cup and the rugby championship opener  due to injuries.  These casualties include the likes of Sony Bill Williams, George Moala and hooker Nathan Harris. All of which are a vital part to the All Black’s set up. But the question leading up the clash at ANZ Stadium, with these injuries in mind is that are the All Blacks vulnerable?

The answer here would probably be no. The way the All Blacks are set up means they have plenty of options when occurrences like this happens. With Moala and Harris out of the opening game it means that Highlander Malakai Fekitoa will partner up with Crusader man Ryan Crotty. Dane Coles who was injured during the Super Rugby season with a rib injury will be on the bench as the All Blacks may be in desperate need of his return.

Wallabies will not want to lose five tests in a row.  

If there is one thing you can count on in this opener it is that the Wallabies will want to win. It may sound cliche but if you look at the past four results you will understand why. The Wallabies are coming off a World Cup final defeat at the hands of the All Blacks as well as coming off a three game series whitewash against England. If the Wallabies do in fact lose this opener it will be the fifth in a row.

With that in mind their have been changes coming to the green and gold camp. The inclusion of Matt Giteau and Adam Ashley-Cooper  is an indiction that the Aussies mean business and will be looking to take the game on. They will no doubt add to the attacking flair for the Wallabies, one thing that was lacking in the June test series against the Poms.

Another thing the Aussies cannot afford to do is to be too predictable. During the England series the Wallabies were too predictable in this format of the game plan and therefore the English defence knew what was coming every time. They need to mix their runs, work the angles particularly when going forward, then they will have every chance of winning the game.

where the game will be won and lost will no doubt be at the front row. This means the scrum is a vital part in the game as it enables

All Blacks record at ANZ 

The All Blacks have been the most dominant team in rugby however, there may be on big challenge on their hands. That is in fact the venue. The first test of the Bledisloe and the Rugby Championship is at ANZ Stadium a stadium that the All Blacks have not dominated.

This may in fact help heal the nerves for Wallabies fans.

The All Blacks have not won a game at ANZ since 2013.

It is a fortress for the Wallabies and one they will no doubt hold onto. The recent Bledisloe at the ANZ resulted in a 27-19 victory to the Wallabies which just gives you an indication as how tough it is for the All Blacks to get a win at the venue.

Whatever happens this is sure to be a cracking game of rugby.