Chicago Cubs on track for World Series.

The Chicago Cubs have not a won World series since 1908, but that may change.

On Thursday, the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division despite losing 5-4 to Milwaukee Brewers, but it was all thanks to San Fransisco Giants who defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-2 in order for the Cubs to clinch the title.

With the Cubs securing the National League Central Division title it means they have become the first team this season to clinch a title and there first since 2008.

However, in a way it is not really a surprise it was just a matter of when for the Cubs. They have a talented bunch and are proving dividends with the likes of Kris Bryant, Antony Rizzo, who have been a real treat for the team this year.

The Cubs wasted no time this season and it has assured them of a 94(wins)53(loss) record and are on track to beat their record of 97 wins from last season, with a few games to spare before the Major League Baseball Postseason arrives.

However for the Cubs, this season was about expectations and how far they could go rather than the joy ride they had last season.

Last year they made  the National League Wildcard after finishing third in the National League Central in which they defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, which t ensured them of a spot in the National League Division series where they played the St Louis Cardinals defeating them 3-1.

That gave them  a birth in the National League Championship Series and also a real shot of the World Series  where they played the New York Mets. The Cubs  lost that series 4-0 and it meant that the dream run  had come to a close.

When the Cubs made the run to the National League Championship series it took everyone by surprise, not this year though. It was expected of them.

So, the question has to be asked, could this really be the  Cubs year ?

There is no reason why the can’t.

They have become the first team this season to clinch a title ensuring them with plenty of breathing space  before the Postseason. They have the resources in their favour, so there is no reason why they can’t go one step further than they did in 2015.

The sky is the limit for the Cubs.