Making a Networked Video

One of the projects  that we had to do  for Making Networked Culture  was to  make a video with annotations(the viewer gets to choose what happens next with a yes or no scenario) or the use of split screen.

In this instance it was a group project so I was partnered up with two other people, Hadaash and Bridget which I had never met before.

The overall idea of this particular video project was that there  had to be a sense of connection such as coming together through different paths. In this project my group used split screen since there was only three of us and we all needed to be in it, so we thought it was the right choice.

Before, we filmed we had to think of ideas of what the movie(or story) was going to be. We had brainstormed for a couple of weeks and neither of us had an idea in mind. That was when I thought we may as well film what we do in the morning and getting to university, because at the end of the day all three of us do different things in the morning and we all get to university in a different way. No one else had something in mind so we all agreed to that idea.

After we got the initial idea out of the way, we then had to story board our video and make a wireframe(a wireframe for my group was a timeline of events of what we do in the morning and how to get to university) and we thought that idea was good, which gave everyone something to work for.

We aimed to get everything done in terms of filming relatively early so we could focus on the editing part leading up today. But unfortunately for me I couldn’t record everything that I wanted to because the memory of my phone wouldn’t allow it to happen (even though I deleted lots of photo’s and apps!) and that was one challenge I faced throughout this project. However, the first thing I filmed was all three of us meeting together (which worked well).

In terms of any problems our group faced, we all had our own battles as well as editing our own videos. However, for the problems that I encountered it  was filming at the right time and getting enough footage as well as the memory on my phone. In terms of footage for the video I needed to make my own video five minutes and 6 seconds which was tough because I didn’t know what to film and also  to  get the length of the video was another challenge. Once, we filmed everything we edited our own little “movie” and the software that I personally used was iMovie on my macbook. I found that quite easy to understand once I knew what I was doing.

Once each of our group members finished editing our own videos we then uploaded it to YouTube so we could send a link in our group chat(which was the way the group communicated) , and then we gave our thoughts  to see if we were happy or if the video needed to be improved.

Once we got everything onto the same video we then had to think of a name or title. I suggested ‘the line’ but Bridget and Hadaash didn’t like it so we scrapped that idea. Hadassh eventually came up with a title for our video which was ‘trichotomy’ which essentially means three divisions which suits the idea, three people getting to university in a different way.

In terms of communication though, I thought we did pretty well. Our main tool for communication was through Facebook and we created a group chat with the three of us involved. We were constantly talking to each other giving our feedback. We also communicated when each one of us had a problem.  All in all I think we communicated  extremely well throughout this project.

The great thing about the group was that everyone worked well and we all bought something to the group. For instance I bought the idea of the movie, Hadaash took care of the music and Bridget did the editing of the main video.

If however, I was going to do this again, I would be more organised instead of doing it at the last minute and edited my video a bit more, as well as getting more footage(such as getting the paper) and being more creative. The first scene that I shot was the time and I still think that opening of the shot was too long. So if I had the chance to do it again I would have shortened that clip.

You can watch Trichotomy here: 

Here is the wireframe: